Episode 2: Is IT’s complex spider web slowing business down?

Episode 2 min

Episode 2 contributors

UK Ministry of Defence

Adrian Tucker

Experienced CIO, Digital and Technology Consultant

Adrian is a highly experienced, director level, turn-around interim, specialising in complex transformation delivery, organisational restructuring and operational re-engineering.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tony Stranack

Head of Information and Data Strategies (EMEA)

Tony is a success-focused Information Technology Strategist with experience in designing, delivering and selling IT, Information Management and Information Storage solutions. Tony has delivered EMEA-wide sales transformation programmes, evolving a sales strategy into multi-million euros of revenue. He is positioned as a Sales CTO, working at the front of the customer buying cycle, initiating and maintaining business relationships at a CxO level.

Digital Readiness Institute

Ade McCormack

CIO/Consultant/Adviser/Keynote Speaker

Ade’s extensive experience covers many organisations, countries and industries. A former technologist, today he is focused on public and private sector leadership and transformation. He has worked with MIT and Cambridge University on executive education, written six books on digital age matters and was a former opinion columnist with the Financial Times and CIO magazine, in both cases focusing on digital age leadership.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Karl Hoods


An experienced CIO, who has successfully led and transformed technology and digital functions in high profile and challenging environments, Karl is commercially focused, with strong stakeholder management skills and a track record of creating visions and strategies to maximise the contribution of technology to the organisation. His particular interest is in emerging technology and its application within organisations to support true transformation.