Episode 3: It’s time to unlock the potential of data

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Episode 3 contributors

Komax AG (Schweiz)

Tobias Rölz

VP Global and Digital Business

Tobias is an internationally experienced CIO and CDO with profound know-how in the development and successful implementation of modern digital transformation strategies. Tobias has extensive business focus, hands-on technology focus and a modern leadership approach, based on agile methodologies. His focus is on reliable, ground-breaking operations of all digital IT-services, providing value generation and cost management.

Independent Consultant

Gavin Mander

Strategic Data Leader

As a Strategic Data Leader and experienced Head of Data, Gavin identifies and implements strategic improvements required to realise value from data, which involves putting in place effective business and customer engagement alongside strong data and delivery disciplines. Gavin has 20 years of experience within technology, including involvement in major IT transformation programmes and operational teams within supplier, client and consulting organisations, across public and private sector.

Natural History Museum

Alison Davis

Chief Information Officer

Alison is an experienced Chief Information Officer working in the life sciences industry. She is skilled in Business Planning, Change Management, IT Governance, Programme Delivery, IT Strategy and Leadership. She was named on the 2016 and 2017 UK CIO 100 lists and on the Pivotal Future List. She was also awarded Women in IT’s CIO of the Year 2018.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Matt Armstrong-Barnes

Chief Technologist

Matt is a Chief Technologist at HPE and has a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Systems Integration & DevOps. As a strategic leader he works to drive innovative technical solutions across industries and technology trends. He has a diverse background as he has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. He has held numerous senior leadership positions, winning, architecting and delivering sizable, complex transformation programmes.