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By turning meaningless data into meaningful insight, organisations can reach new customers, develop better products and operate more effectively. The Pacesetters podcast series, brought to you by CIO and HPE, highlights the organisations and IT executives who are leading the way.

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Meet all contributors

Groupe SEB

Stéphane Nappo

Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer

Stéphane is a senior level cybersecurity executive with over two decades of experience in the industry.  As a proactive business strategist and advocate for the constructive deployment and implementation of digital technologies, Stéphane assembles talented, professional and skills-based teams to carry out an organisation’s transformation. He helps them locate, seize and embrace emerging business opportunities, whilst providing oversight, direction and guidance.

Georgetown University

Chuck Brooks

Adjunct Faculty

Chuck Brooks is a globally recognised thought leader and evangelist for cybersecurity and emerging technologies. He is Adjunct Faculty to Georgetown University’s Graduate Programs in Cybersecurity and in Applied Intelligence. LinkedIn named Chuck as one of “The Top 5 Tech People to Follow on LinkedIn”. He was named by Thompson Reuters as a “Top 50 Global Influencer in Risk, Compliance,” and by IFSEC as the “#2 Global Cybersecurity Influencer”.

Capital Technology University

Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Ph.D in Technology with Masters of Science Research Methods. Researcher. Student

With a clear grasp of systems theory and pervasive, persistent and resilient interconnectedness, Ludmila is a uniquely qualified lead moderator and facilitator of Global #MegaTrends Roundtable – a select gathering of industry leaders across industries ranging from protégées through mentors across all professions while emphasising the common connectedness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Digital Readiness Institute

Ade McCormack

CIO/Consultant/Adviser/Keynote Speaker

Ade’s extensive experience covers many organisations, countries and industries. A former technologist, today he is focused on public and private sector leadership and transformation. He has worked with MIT and Cambridge University on executive education, written six books on digital age matters and was a former opinion columnist with the Financial Times and CIO magazine, in both cases focusing on digital age leadership.

UK Ministry of Defence

Adrian Tucker

Experienced CIO, Digital and Technology Consultant

Adrian is a highly experienced, director level, turn-around interim, specialising in complex transformation delivery, organisational restructuring and operational re-engineering.

Natural History Museum

Alison Davis

Chief Information Officer

Alison is an experienced Chief Information Officer working in the life sciences industry. She is skilled in Business Planning, Change Management, IT Governance, Programme Delivery, IT Strategy and Leadership. She was named on the 2016 and 2017 UK CIO 100 lists and on the Pivotal Future List. She was also awarded Women in IT’s CIO of the Year 2018.

Bentley Motors

Andrew Robson

Chief Information Security Officer

Andrew is a solutions-oriented IT security specialist with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information security solutions in direct support of business objectives. He has a track record of increasing responsibility in secure network design, systems analysis and development and full lifecycle project management and is adept at developing effective security policies and procedures, project documentation and milestones and technical/business specifications.


Chily Fachler

Chief Information Officer

Chily is a CIO 100 MBA-qualified IT and E-commerce Director with a proven track record of success within IT, Retail and E-commerce. He has a strong IT operational leadership focus with strategic project deployment management experience. He is results orientated, entrepreneurial and profit-focused, with system implementation, process change and people management skills.

Independent Consultant

Gavin Mander

Strategic Data Leader

As a Strategic Data Leader and experienced Head of Data, Gavin identifies and implements strategic improvements required to realise value from data, which involves putting in place effective business and customer engagement alongside strong data and delivery disciplines. Gavin has 20 years of experience within technology, including involvement in major IT transformation programmes and operational teams within supplier, client and consulting organisations, across public and private sector.


Isaac Sacolick

President and CIO

Isaac is a successful CIO, leading digital transformation, innovation, agile, and data science programmes in multiple organisations. Has has delivered new revenue generating products and driven efficiencies through data programmes. He’s transformed underperforming businesses by investing in strategic technologies, enabling agile practices, outsourcing commodity services and establishing performance metrics. He’s recognised as a top 100 social CIO, blogger and industry speaker.

J Gold Associates

Jack Gold

Founder and President

Jack is Founder and President at J Gold Associates, a technology industry analyst firm. He has over 45 years of experience in the computer and electronics industries, including computer design, semiconductors, imaging, multimedia, technical computing, consumer electronics, software development and manufacturing systems.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Karl Hoods


An experienced CIO, who has successfully led and transformed technology and digital functions in high profile and challenging environments, Karl is commercially focused, with strong stakeholder management skills and a track record of creating visions and strategies to maximise the contribution of technology to the organisation. His particular interest is in emerging technology and its application within organisations to support true transformation.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Matt Armstrong-Barnes

Chief Technologist

Matt is a Chief Technologist at HPE and has a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Systems Integration & DevOps. As a strategic leader he works to drive innovative technical solutions across industries and technology trends. He has a diverse background as he has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. He has held numerous senior leadership positions, winning, architecting and delivering sizable, complex transformation programmes.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Scott Schober


In 1999, Scott was named President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (a premier, family-run telecommunications and security product manufacturer). The company is now the leading provider of advanced solutions for the wireless industry and produces custom-engineered products for wireless threat detection, M2M, Wifi, Cellular, WiMAX, LTE, and advanced radio test instruments.

Komax AG (Schweiz)

Tobias Rölz

VP Global and Digital Business

Tobias is an internationally experienced CIO and CDO with profound know-how in the development and successful implementation of modern digital transformation strategies. Tobias has extensive business focus, hands-on technology focus and a modern leadership approach, based on agile methodologies. His focus is on reliable, ground-breaking operations of all digital IT-services, providing value generation and cost management.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tony Stranack

Head of Information and Data Strategies (EMEA)

Tony is a success-focused Information Technology Strategist with experience in designing, delivering and selling IT, Information Management and Information Storage solutions. Tony has delivered EMEA-wide sales transformation programmes, evolving a sales strategy into multi-million euros of revenue. He is positioned as a Sales CTO, working at the front of the customer buying cycle, initiating and maintaining business relationships at a CxO level.